When Faith Gets Shaken

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This month your TBN UK newsletter features the ministry of Patrick Regan, OBE, founder and CEO of XLP, an urban youth outreach which works to create meaningful opportunities for young people while making a positive impact on poverty and education throughout London. Patrick is the author of the bestselling book When Faith Gets Shaken, and host of the powerful TBN UK series of the same title, which airs Sundays at 9 p.m., Mondays 11:30 a.m., and Wednesdays at 3 p.m.

The whole concept for the book and TBN UK programme When Faith Gets Shaken (WFGS) came about following a series of challenging events in my own life, which brought me to the brink of despair. But as I took time to dig deep into God’s Word and to consider His promises, I came away with a greater understanding of the importance for us, as followers of Christ, to tenaciously hang on to our faith, even when life falls apart and God seems to be silent! The truth is that it doesn’t matter who we are — everyone goes through difficult circumstances, and we all face times of brokenness. And it is during those times of testing thatGod does some of the most important work in our lives.

As we visit communities with this year’s exciting WFGS tour, we feel truly blessed to be able to share the WFGS series with viewers on TBN UK. It is such a wonderful opportunity to reach out to a new audience on a national scale and beyond and help them know that, whatever they are going through in life, they are not alone. Jesus is there to comfort and guide them.

As the founder and CEO of the youth outreach and charity XLP, I have worked for years with young people in some of the most disadvantaged areas of London, and I’ve witnessed suffering in many different contexts through the numerous trips I’ve taken to some of the most deprived places in the world.

But it was not until I was hit personally with adversity that I sensedGod’s call to change the course of my life, which led me to found the charity Kintsugi Hope, with the primary goal of creating safe and supportive spaces for those suffering with mental and emotional health challenges.

Over a year and a half ago I broke my leg in two places and had to undergo major limb reconstruction surgery. Afterwards, the journey through recovery and back to health was more difficult than I had anticipated, and I often found myself wondering why this was happening to me. Talking to others about my experience made me realise that, not only is suffering common among all individuals, but staying open and real about our sufferings can be a powerful and life-changing experience. Yes, sharing our “desert experiences” and being open about challenges and difficult situations are vital steps in the healing process — and in helping others with their journey as well.

Our TBN UK series When Faith Gets Shaken, produced in partnership with CWR, deals with some of the most sensitive issues that people face in life, such as anxiety and depression, doubt and faith, anger and forgiveness, eating disorders, self harm, and suicide, to name just a few. We also spend plenty of time focusing on God’s response to our suffering and faith-testing crises: the hope, mercy, and grace available to everyone through Jesus. We are excited about this new programme and we believe it’s destined to touch many hearts with the truth that God’s love is strong in the midst of the storms each of us face.

So many who have read the book upon which this series is based have told us how deeply the message has touched, encouraged, and strengthened them in their faith. Here are just a couple of those notes:

–“The honesty with which Patrick focuses on emotional and spiritual struggles is so encouraging. It helps us to remember that we’re not on our own.”

– “When Faith Gets Shaken is searingly honest….It is challenging and uplifting, and will draw you closer to Jesus.”

As we’ve just celebrated the Easter season, this series could not be more timely as we remember Jesus’ suffering on the cross on our behalf, followed by his resurrection. The over-arching theme of the series is that while each of us will experience trials and tribulations, if we keep our eyes fixed on our risen Saviour, we will never be alone and our victory is assured.

Of course, we are ever so thankful to God for TBN UK and the many prayer and financial partners who make it possible for life-changing programmes like When Faith Gets Shaken to be broadcast into the homes of millions of individuals and families across the United Kingdom. Because of your generosity and commitment, many are experiencing the love of Jesus 24 hours a day, and are being encouraged that Jesus cares for them regardless of what may come their way. We are incredibly grateful!


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