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Our featured ministry leader for this month’s TBN UK newsletter is Cris Rogers, vicar at All Hallows Bow Church in East London and author of the book Making Disciples. Cris is also the host of a powerful new series of the same title, airing on TBN UK Wednesdays at 7 p.m., and repeated Thursdays at 11 p.m. and Fridays at 10:30 a.m.

Hi, I am the Rev. Cris Rogers, married to Beki, and the father of two awesome children. I am a northerner on mission to East London, where I lead the flock at All Hallows Bow Church, and I am also the host of an exciting new programme on TBN UK entitled Making Disciples. What makes this project so exciting to me is my own role as a disciple. Because, you see, although there are many things I could use to describe myself, none is as important as this: I am a committed disciple of Rabbi Jesus.

While the biblical model for discipleship is simple and easy to follow, all too often modern discipleship in the church has been based on presumptions that are more attuned to an academic system than to biblical apprenticeship. Jesus didn’t tell his disciples to listen to more of his teaching. Instead, He encouraged them to follow Him and watch how He did life in relationship with His heavenly Father.

In a school system we encourage children to turn up for class, and to learn and study for exams. It’s all about moving towards academic qualifications until they either become a university professor or drop out. In similar fashion, in the church we encourage people to turn up to meetings to hear the pastor teach, as if we are training people for academic Christianity.

Having personally walked in the footsteps of Jesus around Jerusalem, Galilee, and the Judean desert, I have become deeply encouraged by Jesus’ rabbinical model of discipleship. Jesus calls non-academics to follow Him, copy Him, and carry what He carried. When Jesus walked the earth, His discipleship process was done on the road, on boats, and over meals. It was while walking from one miracle to another that Jesus unpacked to His disciples what He was up to.

With that as a short introduction, I think you’ll understand why I am so excited to partner with TBN UK on this new programme, Making Disciples, as we encourage viewers to have an encounter with God and — equipped by Scripture — to become passionate apprentices of Jesus.

I think you’ll agree with me that TBN UK is a fantastic resource for the church in cultivating true, Jesus-modelled discipleship. God wants the whole of your life to encounter the whole of Him for the restoration of the whole of you. He doesn’t do this so that you might become a nicer person or a more knowledgeable person of the Bible. He does it so that you might become a committed and passionate partner in His redemptive mission in the world. Discipleship is nothing less than the surrender of our lives to the activity of God and his mission in the world.

God wants the whole of your life to encounter the whole of Him for the restoration of the whole of you.

During the eight-week Making Disciples series we will be exploring the difference between being a fan of Jesus and becoming a devoted follower. In Mark 8 we are told that Jesus called the crowds and the disciples around him. The crowds were composed largely of people who liked or even loved Jesus, and who were encouraged by His teaching. They turned up for the meetings and the miracles, but Jesus challenged them to more. They started out as fans, but Jesus called them to surrender to the cross, follow Him, and become His disciples.

You see, Jesus didn’t come to earth to start a religion or an institution, but a movement – a movement of people all choosing to be His disciples on a journey to become more like Him.

I have become absolutely passionate about seeing the church move from being filled with fans of Jesus to being filled with whole-life disciples. In Making Disciples you will be encouraged in a daily spiritual discipline that will help you encounter God and be shaped by Him. You’ll also be encouraged and challenged to reach out into your own realm of influence   your home, neighbourhood, community, workplace, and more   to help others come to that satisfying place of discipleship with Jesus.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with TBN UK on Making Disciples, and to partner with you in this dynamic broadcast outreach across the United Kingdom.

Connect with Cris Rogers
Web: www.wearemakingdisciples.com
Web: www.allhallowsbow.org.uk
Web: www.crisrogers.co.uk
Twitter: @RabbiRogers

Making Disciples with Cris Rogers

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Testimonies from TBN’s Israel Tour

A number of our viewers had the opportunity to join Matt and Laurie Crouch for TBNs Hope and Grace Israel tour in March. Each person came back with stories of being touched and changed in the land where Jesus walked. Here are a few of those testimonies:

“Thank you TBN for organising such an amazing trip to Israel. It was way beyond my expectations. Thanks also for the TBN studio staff for praying for us every day. All those prayers most definitely worked to give us the most amazing trip of a lifetime.” – Cate

“We were given a great understanding of the socio/political reality within Israel, as well as receiving the back story and biblical relevance of the places we visited. This will certainly help us in praying for Israel and visualising the places we read about in our Bible. The spiritual and emotional impact of walking where Jesus walked and standing on the hallowed ground is difficult to put into words.” – Steve

“At the Garden Tomb we were able to have a very special, Spirit-filled time of praise and receive communion in such inexplicably peaceful surroundings. Then on the Sea of Galilee, the peace and tranquility of the beautiful surroundings were splendidly broken by 90-plus voices praising God and sharing testimonies.” – Barb

“I appreciate all TBN did to make our time in Israel so special. Apart from the places we visited, you made the journeys on the coach so good. I loved the devotionals, the testimonies, and the prayers and praise.” – Sue

“Coming together for the special worship services was a wonderful experience at the various venues, and the final special event at Caesarea was a highlight and a glorious way to finish the tour. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to realise a long-time desire, and God bless all your efforts at TBN U.K.“ – Stella

Joel and Victoria Osteen with Matt and Laurie Crouch
Bethel Music leading worship


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