June 2021 – Heart of Compassion


Compassion Sunday

Compassion works with local churches in communities around the world to release children from poverty in Jesus’ Name. In partnership with Integrity Music, TBN UK is delighted to invite you to a virtual Compassion Sunday Worship Service to celebrate these stories of hope.

At the heart of Compassion is a relentless passion to serve Christ and empower every child left vulnerable by poverty. We’d love to share that passion with you through this special Sunday service. This unforgettable event features music from a host of talented worship leaders, along with moving stories from Compassion’s work around the world. You’ll be inspired by the testimonies of God’s love and power unfolding in the lives of children living in some of the most impoverished places on earth.

You’ll be blessed by a message of hope from by Jane’ Alam Sheikh (pictured right), Compassion graduate and charity leader working with vulnerable children and young people.

The programme includes beautiful classic and modern worship favourites, featuring Integrity Music artists Philippa Hanna, Noel Robinson, Graham Kendrick, Lurine Cato MBE, Elle Limebear, Steph Macleod, and Lucy Grimble.

Please pray for the impact of this programme as it airs across the nation on TBN UK. Also, be sure to invite your family and friends for what promises to be an inspirational event full of hope!

Jane’ Alam Sheikh

Watch the Compassion Sunday Worship Special on Sunday 6 June at 11:30am and 8pm.



Mon 14th June at 9:30pm, repeats Wed at 10:05am and Sat at 11am.

Rev. David Peterson brings the Bible to life in a fresh, contemporary way, drawing out important scriptural principles for everyday living. He uses props and plenty of humour to connect the well-known stories of Cain and Abel, Samson, King David, and others to our own modern world.


Tue at 4:30pm, repeats Sat at 7am.

The Hillsong team brings exciting stories and great music alive with biblical truth made relevant for children! As well as great worship, there’s also plenty of fun activities and Christ-centred Bible teaching to help unpack big concepts in an understandable way for kids aged 6-12.


Thu 17th June at 8:30pm, repeats Sun at 1pm and Wed at 11:30am.

Sarah Richards of COM Church opens up the Bible to show how we can practically apply God’s Word to the many questions we have in life. With each episode Sarah shares life-transforming truths that have impacted her in her daily walk with Christ.


Wed 23rd June at 7pm, repeats Thu at 9am, Fri at 3:05pm and Sun at 2pm.

Pastor Kemi Koleoso from London’s Jubilee Church explores the incredible revelation God has for us about Himself and His love for each of us. Join Kemi for fresh insight that will help you to grow closer to Jesus and embrace the abundant life He has for you.


Praying for Peace

One part of the Fruit of the Spirit is ‘peace’. It is a gift from God that is so key to our lives, we wouldn’t survive without it. The Hebrew word for peace, shalom, is used to describe the complete restoration and wholeness Jesus offers us. God’s peace brings with it a calming reassurance that He is God, that He loves us unconditionally and that we can be made whole and well despite the seemingly impossible circumstances we may face. It brings cohesion to chaos and reconciliation to relationships – leaving no piece of the puzzle out of place.

Imagine a world without peace! Stress and anxiety would be constant, our hearts and minds filled with fear. We’d forget how to work together, rendering our skills and gifts useless. The world would be at odds, with wars only increasing, and unforgiveness, malice, and mistrust would reign in our relationships. So, while we all need to remember that God is ultimately in control and be thankful for the peace that is in the world already, we can still pray for this gift to increasingly manifest in our lives and in the world around us.

The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.
— Pslam 29:11 (NIV)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your precious gift of peace that surpasses all understanding. We believe Jesus is the Prince of Peace, mighty to save, and enables us to be steadfast, even when situations are chaotic and stressful.

Holy Spirit, be our guide and comfort us each and every day. Let us trust in Your power within us to be bold in our decisions and confident in who we are. Your Word declares that we are children of the most-high God. Help us, Lord, to play our part and work harmoniously with the body of Christ to do Your will.

Help us God, to pray through our worries about our families, friends, and finances. May we seek to repair relationships and forgive those who have done us wrong. May we be a light and offer friendship like a refuge for others who are struggling, and may they know Your love is working through us.

Help us to trust You with our finances and to steward our money well, for Your glory. Help us to support one another with the money we have, as well as supporting the Church. Free us from debt, poverty and greed. Fill us with faith for salvation and strengthen us with hope.

We do not always know what the future holds but we can trust that all things work together for the good of those who trust in Your word. Angels are commanded to watch over us. Help us to know we are safe in the palms of Your hands. As we dwell in Your presence and abide in love, bring us Your peace, that we may sleep soundly at night. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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We hope you enjoyed our recent Pentecost Praise special! Jonathan Oloyede and Cath Woolridge had great fun as they brought together leaders from Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England to worship and pray for healing, repentance, unity and renewal.

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