April 2021 – Celebrate Easter with TBN UK


Celebrating Easter with TBN UK

Join us during Easter Holy Week for our Sacred Harmony Easter Specials. Filmed on location in Swanage, Dorset with choral director Simon Lole and the Sacred Harmony choir, these TBN UK specials observe the days leading up to Easter Sunday and the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. Throughout each episode, along with the wonderful music from our fantastic singers, we are also joined by ecumenical readers from local churches to hear the Easter scriptures, and the Very Revd John Mann leads us in a time of reflective meditation and prayer. Highlights from these three special programmes include:

On Maundy Thursday, Simon and the Very Revd John Mann (pictured below) discuss the relationship between music and liturgy, while the choir performs a beautiful Eucharistic hymn. 

On Good Friday, we focus on the crucifixion of Jesus and listen to a rendition of the classic hymn, “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.” 

On Easter Sunday, we look at contemporary and classical Christian music and rejoice with some celebratory choral performances, including Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus.” 

Make plans to join us as we celebrate the new life that Jesus’ resurrection has made available for us all. He Has Risen!

Watch the Maundy Thursday episode on 1st April at 9am, 3:05pm, and 8pm. 

Watch the Good Friday episode on 2nd April at 9am, 3:05pm, and 8pm. 

Watch the Easter Sunday episode on 4th April at 8:30am, 12pm, 5:30pm, and 9:30pm.



Sun 4th April at 9am, repeats at 2:30pm and 8pm.

Join us for a night of gospel music with the TBN UK Easter special, as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ with the TAB Worship, Pastor Michael White, and special guests Noel Robinson, James Thompson, and Volney Morgan..


Mon at 9:30pm, repeats Wed at 2:30pm, Fri 11pm, and Sat 11am.

Join Patrick Regan as he sits down with a range of guests to have honest conversations on how to be resilient and persevere while going through life’s challenges.


Wed at 7:30pm, repeats Sat at 12:30 am.

Join us for The State of Faith specials, that combines the rich history of the Christian faith across two millennia with incredible contemporary stories of God’s mercy in action today through believers throughout the earth!


Thu at 7:30pm, repeats Sat at 10pm and Tues 3:30pm.

There are great programmes ahead as host Emily Martin sits down with such guests as Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell, former footballer Bruce Dyer, and author Fiona Veitch Smith, along with pastors, musicians, heads of charities, and other fascinating individuals.


Resurrection Day

As we celebrate Easter this year, here’s a simple acrostic that will help to remind us of all that Jesus has provided through His death and resurrection.  

Red wine and bread, broken at supper.  

Eleven disciples followed Jesus to the Garden.  

Surrounded by soldiers, Christ was arrested. 

Under Pontius Pilate, He was sentenced to death. 

Ruined by the whips of the Romans, He was pierced by thorns. 

Racked with the guilt of the world, as it rested on His shoulders. 

Every word of prophecy was fulfilled.  

Crucified, Jesus called to His Father and breathed His last. 

Taken down from the cross and buried in the tomb. 

In the depths of death, a war raged on. 

On the third day, Jesus won and rose up, revealing His glory. 

Now the world can know Christ’s forgiveness and hope.


We loved having Pastor Michael White and the TAB Worship in the studio for our
Easter Worship special.

It’s been great to have our lighting, audio, and camera teams doing what they do best to provide you with this energetic, uplifting, and encouraging show of gospel music and prayer! Catch up on watch.tbnuk.tv


Thank you for standing with TBN UK

In these days of uncertainty, so many are longing for comfort and encouragement. They may not know it, but they need the hope and grace that can only come through God’s love. Because of your commitment to stand in prayer and financial stewardship with TBN UK, we are able to reach millions of homes and hearts across the United Kingdom with the good news of our risen Saviour, Jesus, and of His love and care for them. We are grateful for you. 

I wanted you to know just how much your programmes have inspired, blessed, and educated me in God. These pastors have taught me so much, which will continue to be a blessing in my life. I give thanks to almighty God for TBN UK, for bringing the gospel personally to me.

– Lorna, TBN UK viewer

Thank you for helping us take the assurance of God’s love to individuals and families throughout the UK.

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