December 2020 – The Coming King


A Message from Richard Fleming

Dear TBN UK Family,

I started this year on our weekly Partner Time programme by looking at God’s vision, His destiny, His plans, and His purposes for our lives, communicated in Ephesians 2:10. As the year developed and we faced the challenges of the coronavirus, this same verse became an example of God’s providential care for us, His divine foresight, His divine precaution, and His divine provision. God has been with us all along – He is not fazed by Covid-19.

Opportunity is abounding everywhere. The Christian community is rising up in prayer, ministers are sending out messages of hope, and people are coming to Christian television because they are sick of the fear being propagated every five minutes on many other channels.  

There’s a growing understanding that God has ordained this time and season for TBN UK to be multiplied and lifted up in the midst of this global pandemic. Partners, your donations are a significant part of that for which we honour you. We give praise and thanks to God for each one of you, for your financial partnership, and for your prayers for TBN UK. We give praise and thanks to God for the significant reduction in our airtime costs in 2020 through changing Freeview providers, for resourcing over eight million minutes of our online live stream watched so far, and for propelling TBN UK into a higher level of programming– connecting us with more UK ministries and sponsors. 

It’s amazing to me how the Holy Spirit knits us together in the vision and purpose He has ordained for the proclamation of the good news regarding salvation and discipleship on terrestrial and satellite TV to the United Kingdom.

From all of us here at TBN UK, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy Christmas,

Richard and the TBN UK Team



2nd Dec at 7:30pm, repeats 6th Dec at 8pm and 11th Dec at 6pm.

Join a stellar line up for a traditional Christmas carol service with a contemporary twist, featuring stunning musical performances, heart-warming carol singing, and Bible readings from around the world.


16th Dec at 7:30pm, repeats 18th Dec at 6pm and 20th Dec at 8pm.

Mercy Ships host an evening of joy, worship and celebration at this very special carol service. Hear stories from the crew of the Africa Mercy who bring hope and healing to those who need it most.


Wed at 7pm, repeats Thu at 9am and Sun at 2:30pm.

Discover the transforming power of Jesus in this special Christmas teaching series. Dan Watson, Amy Orr-Ewing, Cathy Madavan, and David Peterson dig deep into Scripture to share the life-changing hope of the Coming King.


Daily at 10am

Be encouraged by daily messages of hope as we celebrate this Advent. Some of your favourite TBN UK pastors will share short devotionals, journeying through Scripture together to discover all that Jesus has provided for us through His birth, life, death, and glorious resurrection!


The Coming King

This Christmas may be looking very different for people this year. However, we have a wonderful hope as Christians that there is one God, Jesus, Who remains the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Christmas simply would not exist as we know it without Jesus. He came to the earth over two thousand years ago in all humility, wrapped in swathing bands and laid in a manger, to grow, mature, and become the most influential human being who ever walked this planet.

But Jesus is not just a great man and a profound teacher. He is the Son of God, born to free us from sin and make us children of God, our Father in heaven. After His death on the cross, Jesus broke the chains of sin and death, rose victorious from the grave, and ascended to the right hand of God the Father.

It is foretold in biblical prophecies that He will come back to earth on the clouds, to call up together all who believe in Him. So, you see, we certainly do have something to celebrate this Christmas season — whatever our circumstances.

T – Thank you Lord, for Christmas time

H – Heaven celebrates, bells chime

E – Emmanuel, God with us

C – Candles for the Light of the World

O – Offering a lamb, shepherds unfurled

M – Magi travelled night and day

I – In a manger, King in the hay

N – Not a prophecy was ever missed

G – Glowing bright that star night kissed

K – Know we can lay down our strife

I – In Jesus’ death and resurrection, we find life

N – Neighbours far and wide must hear

G – Get ready, Jesus’ return is near


It’s December already! As always, we’ve been having plenty of fun in the London Studios, this time for our Christmas specials. Let’s take a look at the challenges our interviewees took on.

Watch these TBN UK Christmas programmes each Thu at 7:30pm, repeating Fri at 2:30pm and Sat at 10pm!


During this Christmas season thank you for your prayer and financial partnership.

For many individuals and families, TBN UK is the only connection they’ll have to the One whose birth we celebrate this Yuletide season. Your commitment to this broadcast outreach is the reason we can provide life-giving programming to untold millions of hearts and homes during this season and throughout the year. Thank you for standing with TBN UK.

The music and worship are amazing. I believe the Lord speaks to our hearts through music and song. You are meeting the needs of everyone, whether young or old, in all the teaching, variety of programmes and worship. I love the surprises that I find when I can switch on and so look forward to what you will have on leading up to Christmas.

– Sally, TBN UK viewer

Thank you for helping us take the assurance of God’s love to individuals and families throughout the UK.

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