Holding On To Hope

On 18th March we launch the new TBN UK series,
Holding on to Hope in Relationships, hosted by Rob Wall and his wife, Bernadette Ocampo-Wall, co-founders and directors of the Reach Ministries. This encouraging series airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m., and repeats on Fridays at 10:05 a.m., Saturdays at 11 a.m., and Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m.

Find out more about Rob and Bernadette, and check out their moving testimony online at watch.tbnuk.tv/praise-from-london.


Specialist doctors told Rob Wall and his wife, Bernadette, that they would never be able to have a baby. But that didn’t stop them from trusting in God’s promises. Rob explains how the couple overcame despair and held on to hope:

“Mr. and Mrs. Wall, it’s best you take a seat.” Those were the words of the specialist as we were directed into yet another hospital consultation room. These hospital rooms and their interiors had become all too familiar to us over the past two years.

Three miscarriages, numerous doctors, and now it was as if we were waiting for the jury to render its final verdict. With a warm smile, but a firm tone, the specialist looked at us and said: “I am afraid you won’t be able to have children.”

As she paused, we waited for an optimistic follow-up — “but” or “however” — anything that might offer us some hope. Yet nothing followed her first verdict. Simply silence, finality — and hopelessness.

Of course, all of us have had situations and circumstances in which we felt that same sense of hopelessness. But as Christians it is crucial for us to remember that God, not man, has the final say in our lives. That is why we felt it necessary to share how God brings hope from seemingly hopeless situations. And it is why we have produced our new programme, Holding on to Hope in Relationships.

This life-changing series features a variety of stories from individuals who have faced seemingly hopeless situations, and each story powerfully demonstrates how God brought restoration — not, perhaps, in the way the individual was expecting, but God was faithful nonetheless.

Our prayer is that through watching this series, viewers will be reminded of God’s faithfulness, and experience renewed faith and restored hope in their relationships.

We have been thrilled to share our own miraculous story across TBN’s global platform, showing how our three miscarriages didn’t spell the end of hope. You see, our daughter, Gracie-Hope, was born six months ago, and what she represents has sparked hope in others who had given up on their promises, and has inspired many more to surrender to the process that God leads us through for His glory.

We believe that you will be deeply impacted as you watch Holding on to Hope in Relationships, and share in the miraculous stories of lives touched and changed by God.


TBN UK is excited to introduce State of Faith 2020, a year-long global TBN broadcast initiative that takes viewers around the world to explore the 2,000-year advance of the Christian faith, while showing through fascinating stories and rich cinematography how believers today worship Jesus and reach others with His love and salvation.

Anchoring State of Faith 2020 is the six-episode documentary series Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth. Hosted by award-winning actor Dennis Haysbert (pictured) and shot on location around the world, each installment of Inexplicable covers a specific period in Christianity, recounting the dramatic and compelling stories of how God transformed ordinary people into heroes and heroines of the faith we treasure today.

In addition, State of Faith 2020 features twenty on-location TBN Praise specials throughout the year, highlighting how God is working powerfully through believers, congregations, and ministries in distinct geographic locations across the earth.



17 March at 9 a.m., repeated at 11 p.m.

In a special St. Patrick’s Day celebration, media presenter and social commentator Karl Faase follows the movement of Christianity throughout Northern Ireland, recounting some of the great stories of vision, faith, and sacrifice.


 Tue 8:30 p.m., Wed 10:05 a.m., and Sun 6 p.m.

The Rev. Valerie Elliot, speaker, writer, and founder of the Elyott Generation, is back for a second season of TBN Presents, focussing on how we can develop and maintain an intimate relationship with the Lord.


28 Mar 8 p.m., 4 Apr 12 p.m.

Join us for a very special interview with Captain Brian Walpole, OBE, as he shares how he became general manager of Concorde, flying the Royal Family and Prime Ministers across the world — and how he came to know God. 


Times will vary 

Follow our short devotional series each day during Lent as pastors and teachers from around the UK encourage us to spend time in God’s presence in preparation for Easter — Resurrection Sunday! 


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– Lee, TBN UK viewer

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