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The Rev. Celia Apeagyei is founder and president of the Rehoboth Foundation, an international organisation that provides strategic leadership development within the Church and beyond. Rev. Celia hosts a new TBN UK teaching series, Take the Lead, which airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m., repeating Fridays at 10 a.m. and Sundays at 7 p.m.


As we look at our world today, it is impossible to deny the short supply of God-fearing, solution-oriented leaders in every part of society. We founded the Rehoboth Foundation for the purpose of calling the Church to fill that void through strategic leadership within communities and to raise up leaders who will impact the Church as well as the marketplace and public sector. 

Since the beginning, we have witnessed wisdom and anointing increase within the countless individuals we’ve mentored across nearly 40 nations, from students to CEOs, and from baby-boomers to millennials. We have seen leadership potential increase dramatically within individuals serving in churches and ministries, as well as those involved in the realm of finance, politics and government, education, healthcare, the law, and other institutions. 

We are seeing God’s truth transform young adults and established leaders alike, as we mentor individuals for success, consecration, purposeful living, and passion to impact the culture. 

We are thrilled to introduce our new teaching series, Take the Lead, on TBN UK. Each programme is designed to offer principles of effective leadership from a biblical worldview. God has designed every person to lead at some level, and so Take the Lead is all about mentoring and encouraging individuals to discover and develop their leadership potential right where they are. 

Throughout the series, we will be addressing such issues as whether leaders are born or made, what are the competencies and characteristics that make for effective leadership, and how to develop into an effective problem-solving leader. We’ll also talk about mentoring for effective leadership, leadership succession, the development of strong leaders among the millennial generation, and strategies for developing future leaders in our churches and communities. 

I so appreciate the platform TBN UK provides to reach homes across the United Kingdom with truth for living out the destiny God has for each of us. We believe that this new series is going to encourage many men and women to step into the leadership to which God has called them within their communities and beyond. 




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Join Becky Murray for a second exciting series on how to thrive in every season of life and embrace the journey through times of waiting or periods of grief.


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— B.M.

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