June 2020 – God on the Move


God on the Move: TBN Meets

When turning on the TV, we can expect the topic of the day to be the coronavirus. It’s impossible not to talk about it! But we’re excited to be bringing you uplifting and encouraging stories of all that God is doing during this time.

Our new TBN Meets interviews have truly inspired us and reminded us that the church is very much active and alive. The impact that God is making through our guests is definitely something worth celebrating. We’ve been meeting, from a distance, with some incredible Christians who are seeing God do amazing things. From soup kitchens and money management, to staying positive and making music, we have great conversations to build up every facet of our faith.

We had an insightful chat with Pastors Andrew and Louise Cherrie, who shared practical tips on parenting well in times of crisis. We also spoke with NHS key workers who are fighting the virus and keeping the faith, including Peter Willson, a consultant surgeon and medical director. Plus, we heard from the Portable Priest, Rev. Pat Allerton, about his unique method of street evangelism. We also had some great interviews on marriage, leadership, worship, and charities that are changing people’s lives.

The list is ongoing, and through talking to all of our guests, one thing has remained clear: the church is still active, effective, and ever-growing! There are so many seeds being planted that will bear fruit in the future, too.

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Handling separation from friends

Being separated from our friends and church can really take its toll. Thankfully, we have great examples of how to handle the situation from the apostles John and Paul. Facing many times in prison, and separated from the church, they still rejoiced. Let’s take a look at how their experiences can shape our own.

They preferred face-to-face contact

If you’re struggling with being separated from those you love, you’re in good company. John was very honest about the fact that he wanted to see his friends in person. Sending letters was not enough to satisfy his need for friendship. While he made every effort to keep communication open, he also said: “I have much to write you, but I do not want to do so with pen and ink. I hope to see you soon, and we will talk face to face” (3 John 1:13-14, NIV). If you share the same feelings, that’s OK! It’s OK to explain to your friends that while you enjoy talking from a distance, you find it much easier and more satisfying to chat in person. Paul also described deep longing in 1 Thessalonians 2:17 (NIV), saying that he felt “orphaned by being separated” from his loved ones, “in person, not in thought.” It’s important to let people know that we are still thinking about them, even when we can’t share quality time. Why not send someone a text today to let them know they are in your thoughts?

The mission was just as important

It can be difficult if you are living with people who are not Christians. Even though Paul and Silas were away from their friends and other Christians, they didn’t stop praying and worshiping. Instead of suppressing their faith, they sought God. Their circumstances weren’t easy. They’d been beaten and flogged and were in chains. However, they made sure to have their priorities straight. The result? The guard at the prison saw their faith, experienced God’s power, and became a Christian. Even the least likely of converts can be saved, and in this account we see entire households being baptised. Who are you sharing a space with? It’s important to share our faith and continue our worship, while loving those around us. Our greatest commandment — and the Great Commission — still stand. We need to love God, love others, and see them come to faith.

They were honest about their experiences

After months of fighting against the coronavirus, cracks may be starting to show. It can be difficult to remain constantly positive, and it can also be difficult to tell our friends how we are truly feeling. Paul struck a great balance between finding joy and excitement in God, while also sharing honestly about his suffering. In 2 Corinthians 11, Paul authentically shares his passions, his concerns, and his sufferings. In this chapter we see an extensive list of all that he has endured, and yet he summarises this list by pointing back to God. He writes that he will boast in his weakness, because there he finds strength. Paul’s letters are full of assurance in God’s provision, His love, and His concern for His people. How amazing that Paul could encourage us so much in his darkest times. How are we authentically encouraging those we connect with, while not hiding the truth about the difficulties we face?  


The TBN UK team took a trip to the beautiful grounds of the Big Church Day Out event as part of our filming for this year’s programme. The sun shone over Wiston House for this special episode. The team was grateful to be outside, and enjoyed filming even as they observed social distancing rules.

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As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, millions are struggling with uncertainty about the future. Your prayer and partnership with TBN UK ensure that we can continue broadcasting the incomparable message of hope through Jesus to homes and hearts across the UK and beyond. Thank you for your compassion and commitment. 

I humbly wish to express my sincere gratitude to you all at TBN UK. Since this pandemic, I have been watching, listening, and feeding on all the spiritual food from TBN. It has been such an encouragement.

– Nnamdi, TBN UK viewer

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