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In this month’s TBN UK newsletter we highlight the outreach of Pastor Gabriel Chan, associate minister at Kensington Temple London City Church and principal of the International Bible Institute of London. Pastor Gabriel is also the host of the TBN UK exclusive programme Embracing the Challenge, which airs weekly on Fridays at 6:35 p.m., and repeated Saturdays at 11a.m. and Mondays 2:30 p.m.

Did you know that God has amazing riches ready to release to you hidden in His Word? The Scriptures are full of lessons and challenges relevant to us today. As you embrace them wholeheartedly, the Holy Spirit will work in you to transform your life to be more like Jesus.

Throughout my years of pastoral ministry and outreach, I have had the honour to mentor thousands of men and women in their journeys with Christ. And with our exciting TBN UK programme, Embracing the Challenge, we have had the privilege of walking with countless thousands more in their quest to become more like Christ. This show was birthed from the idea that the way forward for each of us as Christians is through the circumstances we face in life, armed with the living Word of God.

Of course, what we inevitably discover along this path is that God’s ways don’t always immediately make sense to us. Sometimes the path is painful before it’s joyful. That said, I’m convinced that as you embrace His unique challenge and path for your life, you will become rich through each and every valley of life — rich in faith, rich in the knowledge of God, rich in intimacy with Jesus, and rich in love and compassion for those around you. These are the true riches of God’s kingdom.

…I’m convinced that as you embrace His unique challenge and path for your life, you will become rich through each and every valley of life — rich in faith, rich in the knowledge of God, rich in intimacy with Jesus, and rich in love and compassion for those around you.

If I could sit down personally with you, I’d encourage and exhort you to keep pressing forward. That’s what happened in our first season of Embracing the Challenge. I was joined by individuals at different stages in their journey with Christ, and together we discovered how walking in His grace frees us to truly know Jesus and one another.

As we spoke and interacted, we learned how the challenges of forgiveness, love, purity, servant leadership, and holding to the truth bring us into greater freedom in Christ.

Since Embracing the Challenge began airing on TBN UK last year, men and women from across the United Kingdom and beyond have contacted me with testimonies of how they’ve stepped into a more vibrant relationship with God. One man’s marriage was healed as he found deliverance from an addiction to pornography through God’s amazing grace. Others have testified to experiencing amazing freedom as they embrace God’s Word in their lives.

In this new season of Embracing the Challenge, we’re focusing especially on leadership, and I’m bringing a whole host of my friends and fellow ministers to explore how we can help you to be released into your unique ministry and leadership calling. Drawing from five continents, we’ll be joined by a broad range of leadership experts from pastors and evangelists, to bankers and lawyers, police officers and nurses, entertainment professionals, and more!

My good friend R.T. Kendall will also join us for a special episode to sow his lifetime of leadership experience into your life. Believe me, throughout this all-new season of Embracing the Challenge you will be truly inspired to take a step into your own leadership calling.

Of course, you, our wonderful TBN UK partners, are key to the freedom so many individuals are experiencing through Christ. Your prayer, passion, and generosity make our weekly broadcast of Embracing the Challenge (and many more awesome programmes) possible across the UK and elsewhere. If I could communicate to you all the incredible stories and testimonies I receive from viewers on a weekly basis, you would feel how vital each engagement with the kingdom of God, by every platform, is in reaching the world.

Thank you so much for partnering with TBN UK in seeing men, women, and families impacted for eternity by the love and grace of Jesus Christ!

Connect with Gabriel Chan:
Web: www.revgabrielchan.org
YouTube: RevGabrielChan
Instagram: RevGabrielChan
Facebook: RevGabrielChan


Embracing the Challenge
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