August 2020 – Empowering Leaders Building the Body of Christ


Leading Lights
with Gregg Donaldson

Hi TBN family, my name is Gregg Donaldson and I’m leader of the Leading Lights Network. Leading Lights is the world outreach arm of our local church, Lighthouse, in Jersey, the Channel Islands.

We have a vision to reach the whole world with God’s love and power, and so when we got the opportunity to work with TBN UK in spreading the gospel across the United Kingdom, we jumped at it gladly. Our vision is to empower ordinary Christians in every corner of the UK to develop their potential in Christ, and to help them to start a small group or ministry, under the guidance of their local church if they are in one. We seek to educate, equip, and excite people with God’s truth and His Great Commission. God has a ministry and a purpose for YOU to walk in!

Our messages this month are called ‘DNA’, and they are about the spiritual DNA that God has put in you as a believer, which overrides your physical DNA, and which makes you God’s child. Finding your identity in Christ is so liberating and empowering, and we are believing for many Christians to come fully into their calling and identity through the messages this month.

Thank you so much for your support of TBN UK. We have received many encouraging messages as a result of our broadcasts, like these:

“have been watching TBN UK for the last month. I’m new to learning about Jesus. Since watching TBN my life has changed for the better. I love watching and listening to your sermons and find them very peaceful.”– PD

“The Leading Light programmes on TBN are very inspirational – especially this morning’s sharing. My next door neighbour just got saved on Monday, and I’d like to start a ladies Bible study for brand new believers.” – ST

You can watch Leading Lights on Mondays at 6pm, repeated Tuesdays at 2:30pm and
Sundays at 11am.



Fri at 5pm, repeated Thur at 12:30am.

Join Lindz West from LZ7 at the Cabin TV Studio in Manchester for some Friday night vibes — featuring live music, dance competitions, giveaways, chats, and plenty of fun and games.


Wed at 9:30pm, repeated Fri at 8:30am and 11pm, and Mon at 5:30pm

Pastor Alex Morgan of Ealing Christian Centre hosts a new series that focuses on how we can be rooted in Christ and trust Him for breakthrough in our lives.


Fri at 8:30pm, repeated Sat at 5:30pm and Mon at 10:05am.

The Rev. David Peterson of St. Mary’s and St. Clement’s Church returns for another series of TBN Presents, sharing his love for God in a humorous and relatable way.


Fri at 7:30pm, repeated Sun at 11:30pm and Wed at 3:05pm.

David and Nicole Binion host dynamic nights of worship featuring top gospel artists such as William McDowell, Jonathan McReynolds, and Tasha Cobbs Leonard.


Our prayer for you this month

As the lockdown eases and many people are going back into the workplace, we would love
to pray for you, your colleagues, and managers. If you are a boss, we can also pray
for any people that you employ.

Back to work

Dear Heavenly Father, You reign and rule in all the earth and we lift You up to praise You and thank You that many of us are now able to return to work after a period of time at home, possibly on furlough or working from home. 

While we recognise that there have been difficulties and financial pressures at this time for many, we pray that people can return to work fresh and motivated for the new season ahead. Bring about the prosperity of local businesses and bless the livelihoods of righteous people. Help the funds from the government to be used wisely and put into boosting the economy again. We pray for abundance and God’s goodness over jobs and an unwavering sense of security so people do not have to worry. 

For those who may have lost jobs, or those facing the worrying thoughts of redundancy, let them not despair, but rely wholly on You at this time. Provide for their every need and their family. Bring new ideas and innovations for companies and those who are self-employed, along with solid investments to boost the economy. We ask for peace in people’s hearts and minds at this tumultuous time. 

As key workers and those employed in essential services have been working tirelessly and selflessly to serve the nation at this time, we ask Your power and strength to be poured out upon them at this stressful and difficult time. Protect those still facing the Covid-19 crisis on the front line, such as care workers and NHS staff. Allow them to remain vigilant and safe while receiving all the support they need from those in authority. 

Lord Jesus, above all, let us, as Christians, be shining examples to our colleagues, clients, and customers. Let us have the boldness to share the gospel in our workplaces so we can let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  



Andrew and Louise Cherrie, pastors of Home Church, recorded a brand new parenting programme called Toddlers, Teens and Inbetweens on a special set designed for large numbers and
social distancing.

Look out for this exciting new show coming to TBN UK next month!


Thank you for your partnership with TBN UK.

Through your prayer and financial commitment TBN UK is reaching untold millions of homes and hearts across the United Kingdom and beyond with life-changing Christian television 24 hours a day. Together we’re helping equip and empower new generations with a passion for Jesus that is changing the world! 

I have been trying to get out of an unhappy relationship, and thank you for your prayers regarding that. I ended up witnessing for the first time ever and now my partner is watching Joyce Meyer with me!

– Deb, TBN UK viewer

Thank you for helping us take the assurance of God’s love to individuals and families throughout the UK.

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